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About Sell My Car For Cash NJ

Sell My Car For Cash NJ is one of the top junk car removal services in New Jersey. For years, people put off dealing with removing that old junk car. Thinking about the cost and hassle of the whole ordeal is enough for you to push the task in the back of your mind.

Sell My Car For Cash NJ has created the solution to the problem of getting rid of your junk car, truck, or SUV. Our well trained staff specializes in making junking your car a quick and efficient process. Sell My Car For Cash NJ takes vehicles in all conditions and pays top dollar for your car. We can assure you that when you decide to work with Sell My Car For Cash NJ you and your car will be in good hands.

We'll tow your car away for free!

  • Wrecked cars
  • Crashed cars
  • Broken down cars
  • Old cars
  • Used cars
  • Junk cars
  • Unwanted cars
  • Clunkers
  • Trucks and SUVs

We take all vehicles of any make or model no matter the condition!

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Junk Your Car for Cash in New Jersey!

We Buy Unwanted Cars in New Jersey

Wrecked? Damaged? Needs work? Regardless of your cars condition, Sell My Car For Cash NJ pays money for unwanted cars. Even if your car doesn't run, Sell My Car For Cash NJ will come pick it up at no extra charge from any New Jersey location. We are one of the top car buyers in the area and can get you fast cash for scrap cars, old cars, or slightly used cars. We pay top dollar for cars newer than 2000.

Sell Your Junk Car In New Jersey With One Phone Call

We make selling used cars easy. Simply call us and describe your ride. We buy junk cars that don't run and slightly used cars only a few years old. We quote your price right over the phone and guarantee that price won't change, even without actually seeing the car in person. Make the deal and we will pick up the car same day and leave you with cash for your unwanted car.

Easy to Sell Your Clunker in New Jersey

  • Guaranteed offer of cash for your car over the phone 
  • We buy trucks, cars, even if they don't run 
  • Junk your clunker for cash 
  • Free car removal throughout 
  • New Jersey We handle all of the paperwork

Why Use Max Cash for Cars New Jersey?

  • No Sales 
  • Get Cash for Cars 
  • No-haggle process 
  • We Buy Wrecked 
  • Cars Sell Your Car Fast